Lotion Making Supplies

Citric Acid

INCI: citric acid.
Used for its preservative and pH lowering attributes.
Use up to 1% in lotions.
Use this in all your bath fizzy recipes to create the fizz when used with baking soda.
See our free recipe section and our blog for ideas.

Emulsifying Wax

INCI: cetearyl alcohol & ceteareth-20
This is vegetable derived, cosmetic grade.
Use this in your lotions to blend the oils and water for a stable emulsion.
Use up to 5% by weight.

Germaben II

This is a preservative for lotions. It will keep your lotions free from bacteria mold.
Use at a rate of .3% to 1%.
Germaben II contains the following: *propylparaben 3% *methylparaben 11% *propylene glycol 56% *diazolidinyl urea 30%

Glycerin, Organic (Vegetable Derived)

Use this in your transparent soaps and lotion products.
Our glycerin is cosmetic grade.
Disperse your dry powder colorant into liquid glycerin for an easy, convenient and consistent color.
35 LB size may require 2 week lead time.

Mini Funnel

Optiphen ND

INCI: phenoxyethanol & benzoic acid & dehydroacetic acid
Optiphen ND is a preservative of the optiphen family. Its a very mild, broad spectrum preservative consisting of phenoxyethanol, benzoic acid, and dehydroacetic acid.
Completely paraben and formaldahyde free. This preservative works best in creams, and lotions. Its meant for use in products that contain water.
Recommended usage rate is up to 1.2%. by weight.

Polysorbate 20

Room/ Body Spray Emulsifier. Polysorbate 20 is a nonionic surfactant and emulsifier. Polysorbates are nonirritating and readily biodegradable. Polysorbate 20 is derived from coconut oil.Polysorbate 20 is a water-soluble somewhat yellowish liquid that is used as a dispersing agent to mix oil and water and to solubilize fragrances and essential oils. It is also a great lubricant and has a pleasant, soothing effect on the skin. Polysorbate 20 is an essential ingredient for making body and room sprays. It acts as a solubiliser, allowing the oil phase of your formula to disperse and fully incorporate into the water phase. Usage is generally 1:1 ratio, 1 to 2 parts Polysorbate to 1 part fragrance or essential oils. Use our polysorbate 20 to emulsify your fragrance and essential oils into any of our various bases (lotion, Gel) without the runny mess. You can also use the polysorbate 20 for linen sprays, room sprays, perfume sprays. Mix equal parts of your fragrance or essential oil w/ the polysorbate 20, warm in the microwave for approx. 10-15 seconds and slowly blend into your base. If you are making a spray use the same method.

Polysorbate 80

Polysorbate 80 is a nonionic surfactant and emulsifier often used in Bath Bombs to help alleviate build up of oils and colorants on the side of bath tubs. A major property is how it assists in dispersion and increased solubilization of oils.
A must have for bath bomb makers, less clean up and residues left on bath tubs!
Use up to 6% by weight in bath bombs.
Emulsify your body scrubs by adding some polysorbate 80 at around 3% by weight.
one gallon equals 8 LBS

Sodium Lactate

INCI: sodium lactate
Sodium Lactate - Sodium lactate is a liquid salt that is naturally derived from the natural fermentation of sugars found in corn and beets and is a natural moisturizer and pH regulator.
For lotions replace the liquid glycerin with sodium lactate,
in soaps use up to 2% of your oil weight to harden the bar.
Sodium Lactate is said to be a better moisturizer than traditional liquid glycerin, when using in lotions & creams. Sodium lactate is less sticky when compared to liquid glycerin.
Sodium lactate 60% USP

Stearic Acid

INCI: stearic acid.
Our stearic acid is a cosmetic grade, vegetable derived product.
Use this to thicken your lotion recipes, and to harden your soaps.
Stearic acid looks similar to our emulsifying wax so be sure to read your label and not mix them up.


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